Business Impact Analysis

The Business Challenge

While it’s important for businesses to determine risks, it’s equally as important to relate these risks to the overall productivity and profitability of the business. In order to do this, a company must understand which business processes and policies most severely affect their financial position.

A company’s capacity to continue operating after a disaster occurs is dependent on their ability to:

  • Identify the key business units (organizations, applications, and processes)
  • Understand the technologies that support these critical business units
  • Determine the financial, operational, and competitive impact of a disruption within these units
  • Define recovery priorities for the units in the event of a disruption.

We have your Solution

The Risk Management experts at Palindrome Technologies can conduct a business impact assessment that identifies your key business units and the impact on your company’s financial position if one of these units is affected by a disaster. In addition, we can determine the interdependencies of your business systems and networks and prioritize a recovery plan. By understanding the business impact of certain risks, you can focus your continuity efforts on your most critical business units.