Carrier-grade Network operators continually strive to improve and evolve networks in order to support higher bandwidth, greater interoperability and expand customer base. Operators are investing significant capital and resources in Next Generation Networks to maintain competitiveness and provide better customer experience. At the same time, security of  customers and network infrastructure against existing and emerging Threats is essential.

Palindrome has been a trusted security partner in the deployment of some of the largest mobile 4G LTE and 5G  networks. Palindrome’s technical capabilities and experience, cover end-to-end security assurance testing, ranging from LTE user equipment (handsets/dongles) and UICC to core network elements (e.g., eNB, MME, SGW, OSS, FOTA) using a multidimensional approach which covers several areas including signaling protocol analysis, evaluation of cryptographic mechanisms and application security.

Palindrome’s methodology encompasses a variety of strategies and evaluation methods. Some of the major areas are highlighted below.