The profusion of intelligent devices ranging from smart phones, medical devices to smart meters and cars, introduces new attack vectors. It is vital for OEM’s, service providers, application developers and network operators to ensure that this new generation of devices maintains security properties that assure confidentiality, integrity and availability. Palindrome routinely performs Security Assurance Evaluations of products as per client and industry requirements. Evaluations can be focused on specific areas, such as  SaaS implementations, hardware, mobile applications, provisioning and management systems. Our extensive experience with product vendors, network operators and application providers ensures that products, applications and services align with industry standards and best security practices.

Palindrome’s Security Testing Framework is based on evaluating products using a multi-dimensional approach that includes security verification of Hardware (e.g., PCB, JTAG, UART, GPIO), Firmware (e.g., Secure Boot), Software (e.g., OS, Libraries), Signaling and Control Protocols (e.g., call-flow analysis of protocols such as SIP, AAA, NAS, HTTP and others) and Applications or Services (e.g., Internet Multimedia applications, VoIP, VoLTE, M2M).