Palindrome is a leading applied information security research and analysis laboratory having expertise in embedded systems, communication networks, software and cloud platforms. Our prime research focus areas are next generation computer technologies such as 5G, Embedded SIM (eSIM), Internet of Things, Blockchains, Data Mobility, Software-defined Infrastructure and Autonomic Computing. Palindrome is a trusted information security and services partner of leading Fortune 500 companies in communications, finance, insurance, utilities, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, and government sectors.

Our philosophy is founded on three fundamental principles

Assurance || Trust || Confidence


We consider ourselves as a transparent extension of our customer’s operations where we strive to impart Assurance in their processes, services and products by offering professional expertise and advice.


We use our expertise to help our customers to instill Trust in their infrastructure, services and client relationships.


Helping establish Assurance and Trust to our customer operations, bolster their Confidence (and in turn their client’s) and help them focus on growing their business with integrity and reliability.