The GSMA IoT Security Assessment provides organizations with a flexible framework that can address the diversity of the IoT market, enabling companies to build secure IoT devices and solutions as laid out in the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines. The GSMA IoT security guidelines is a comprehensive set of best practices promoting the secure end-to-end design, development and deployment of IoT solutions.” Organizations that typically adopt the security guidelines include:

  • IoT Service Providers
  • IoT Service Platform Vendors
  • IoT Device Vendors

Completing a GSMA Security Assessment will allow an organization to demonstrate the security measures they have taken to protect their products, services and infrastructure from cybersecurity risks.

The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines Overview Document defines the standard IoT model shown in the diagram below. This model comprises two principle components – the IoT Service Ecosystem and the Endpoint Ecosystem.

The GSMA provides a comprehensive set of security recommendations for both the IoT Service Ecosystem and the Endpoint Ecosystem.

Benefits working with Palindrome Technologies​:

  • Accredited ISO17025 Testing Laboratory
  • Extensive expertise in securing emerging technologies (i.e., 5G, IoT, Blockchain)
  • Trusted over a decade by the largest mobile carriers and product vendors including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson and others
  • Actively involved in industry standard organizations including GSMA, CTIA, IEEE and IETF

As a GSMA member and an accredited ISO17025 Testing Laboratory we provide Security Assessment services based on the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines.

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