Companies that consistently strive to have efficient and effective internal control processes add significant value to the organization. Properly designed and functioning controls minimize the risk of loss and help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Protecting these processes from threats or disruptions is essential for your organization’s operational efficiency.

Palindrome Technologies​ specialists work with you to ensure that your internal controls provide the clearest path to meeting your objectives. Each engagement is customized to your priorities and implemented by partners and managers who average more than 15 years of experience with top corporations and firms.

Our advisory team can provide a number of services to expand your internal capabilities, including:

  • Aligning Internal Audit programs with your company’s strategy and key processes
  • Ensuring that Enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies align with your processes, technology and knowledge
  • Performing information technology (IT) vulnerability assessments, vendor risk assessments, penetration testing and other IT audit services

Palindrome Technologies​ is committed to your success, and will customize the services you need, either by working as an extension of your existing internal audit department or creating an outsourced arrangement that allows you to access our full range of internal audit services.

Contact us  to explore ways we can assist your organization meet it’s Internal Audit objectives.