The GSMA NESAS verification program’s aim is in helping product providers and service organizations build products and services with robust cybersecurity in mind in order to protect consumers and carrier-grade infrastructures, while creating a more secure foundation for emerging networks and technologies (e.g., smart cities, MEC, V2X, mHealth, IoT). NESAS is considered a common baseline, on top of which individual operators or national IT security agencies have the liberty to enforce additional security requirements as necessary.

The advantages of NESAS certification include:

  • Demonstrates commitment to security and reduces risks for consumers and MNOs
  • May result in fewer individual product security audits
  • Delivers a baseline security review of relevant product processes and functions
  • Offers a uniform approach to product security audits
  • Avoids fragmentation and potentially conflicting security assurance requirements in different markets

The following figure illustrates the NESAS product testing process.

Building from our past experience and performance, Palindrome Technologies​ is the first lab worldwide to obtain GSMA NESAS test lab accreditation. Founded in 2005, Palindrome Technologies​ Inc. (“Palindrome Technologies​”) has become a leading applied information security research firm and analysis laboratory having expertise in emerging technologies, embedded systems, communication networks, software, and cloud platforms. Prior forming Palindrome Technologies​, the principals of the company worked for Bellcore (Bell Communications Research) in the Security & Fraud group where they supported security assurance efforts for telecommunication providers, product vendors and the US government. 

We will be happy to hear your product security requirements and provide further insight in the NESAS product testing process.

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