During Network Reliability analysis Palindrome Technologies​ evaluates the network architecture, operational plans and the ability to support and deliver network services reliably and align with user experience quality requirements (e.g., KPI’s, quality, performance, security). The results are categorized and prioritized in a detailed report to formulate a design plan that will address existing deficiencies.

Furthermore, the results of this effort will be used in the following:

  • Develop requirements for any operations support system to monitor network reliability on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop appropriate reliability metrics that reflect the service provider’s design goals and customer expectations. Reliability of data networks depends on the capacity and utilization of network elements. These metrics may be substantially different than those needed to monitor and control the reliability of a deployed architecture.
  • Develop reliability requirements for the new network architecture. These will depend on the anticipated mix of services on the network. These requirements are for the internal use of the service provider.
  • Estimate reliability parameters for generic or new network elements (e.g., routers, SBC, CSCF, eNB, MME). Palindrome Technologies​ will develop such estimates on the reliability/availability of network elements based on information provided by the service provider and its suppliers. These are the building blocks for predicting the reliability of any new architecture.