An organization’s security posture is challenged daily with emerging attack vectors and hundreds of new vulnerabilities that are published annually. As such, maintaining an adequate network security posture is critical in protecting an organization’s customer data and infrastructure assets. Network Penetration Testing helps measure the effectiveness of your security controls by identifying applicable attack vectors and attempting to exploit existing vulnerabilities.

The effectiveness of our methodology is based on a multidimensional framework and it is driven by both “Deterministic” and “Non-Deterministic” Testing models in which we leverage proprietary techniques, industry standards (e.g., NIST, OWASP, PTES) and past experience from evaluating enterprise networks and carrier-grade networks.

We work close with your subject matter experts and management team to gain an in depth understanding of your business, operations and threats in order to address concerns and establish meaningful objectives. In certain cases we are asked to obfuscate our activities as part of the exercise in order to evaluate the effectives of an organization’s incident response capabilities. Whatever the requirements, we remain focused and ensure that the objectives of the exercise are met with accuracy, objectivity and creativity. The findings of the exercise categorized and prioritized according to the organization’s business model and how they impact operations and services. The findings are accompanied by applicable and actionable recommendations that help mitigate the corresponding risk.

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