The Challenge

Broadcasting agencies, telecommunication providers and organizations from different nations need to ensure that they maintain adequate resiliency in their communication infrastructure in support of special events such as Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Confederations Cup (e.g., UEFA European Football Cup like Euro 2012), Regional Games (e.g., Pan-American Games, Pan-Asian Games, European Games).

However, supporting special events is always a challenging endeavor for both government and commercial organizations who are concerned about the resiliency of their infrastructure in order to provide uninterrupted broadcasting of the special events in case of unforeseen man-made or natural disasters (e.g., deliberate physical or cyber attacks, earthquakes, floods, fires).

We can help!

Palindrome Technologies​  has assisted both government and commercial organizations in support of world-class events to minimize the risk of disruption due to man-made or natural disasters and ensure network resiliency.