10 Most Trusted Cyber Security Solution Providers 2019

Palindrome Technologies​ was recognized as one of the  Most Trusted Cyber Security Solution Providers in 2019 by Aspioneer Magazine.

Palindrome Technologies​ was founded with the ideology of streamlining security operations and assessments for the telecommunications and government sectors. Originally formed as a consulting and research firm serving federal and commercial organizations; Palindrome Technologies​ today provides cybersecurity services to Fortune 500 companies across the telecommunications, government, healthcare, education, financial, energy, and retail industries.

Palindrome Technologies​ takes pride in their work which consequently impacts billions of ‘netizens’ every day.  In the future, the company is looking forward to expanding its team and opening branch offices in New York and Dallas. Furthermore, they are working closely with GSMA and CTIA to gain recognition as a certified security certification lab for telecommunication equipment and IoT. “We have been supporting some of the most innovative companies in the technology space for several years,” says Thermos. “The coming twelve months hold an exciting path forward as we strive to be recognized as the leading trusted advisor for securing emerging technologies worldwide.” 

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