From core infrastructure to consumer technologies, our applied research activities involve security, reliability, performance and scalability areas of new emerging technologies. Palindrome Technologies​ has identified four core technology domains that will have transformational impact in the coming decade :

  • Software defined Infrastructure – Cloud and Edge Computing, 5G Networks, Mesh Networks, Heterogeneous Networking.
  • Internet of Things – Connected Home, Transport, Cities, and Factories.
  • Blockchains – Providing trust across distributed trust-less security domains.
  • Machine Intelligence – Autonomous operations and Content security.

Our team actively participates in technology standard bodies including IEEE, IETF, and NIST. Palindrome Technologies​ chaired IEEE Study Group on “Security, Reliability, and Performance for the Software Defined and Virtualized Ecosystems” resulting in three new IEEE Standards Working Groups on SDN Security, Performance, and Reliability.

Fault-Tolerant Networking Infrastructure

Our telecommunication infrastructure requires operational backbone for reliable communication. The network resiliency is very poor when it comes to natural disasters and community internet infrastructures.

Our researchers are exploring reliable and secure heterogeneous mesh networks using Wi-Fi and 4G radios.

Autonomous IoT Security

The “Things” in IoT are typically shipped with default insecure configurations and vulnerable software stacks rendering host networks exposed to attacks, especially small networks with limited administration. The IoT systems need rethinking of configuration and operations management layers.

Our researchers are exploring autonomous network management systems that are specifically designed for IoT.

Software Supply Chain

The software software supply chain process is broken. The software packages are build and shipped at different locations with no single source of truth. Furthermore, the public security patch and disclosure process is currently centralized. With more and more open source software being used in critical infrastructure, it is essential to strengthen the software supply chain.

Our researchers are exploring blockchain technology to create secure software delivery and security operation processes.