Within the healthcare industry and beyond, HITRUST certification has become a highly regarded indication that an organization is using best practices for data protection and privacy.

While we agree that HITRUST certification is an important external indicator, we believe that the true value of the HITRUST process is in the confidence and peace-of-mind our clients gain in their own privacy and security posture.

At Palindrome, we tailor each company’s HITRUST journey to meet their specific needs, based on their unique challenges. Our client’s successful HITRUST certification reflects the improvements that result from our collaborative efforts.

Learn more from our chat with Allan Abrams from Kipu Health

“Never in my career have I enjoyed working with an assessment/audit firm before partnering with Palindrome. You don’t meet many folks in the industry with their knowledge depth. They have been a critical partner in helping us navigate this landscape.”

The Path to HITRUST Certification

  • Readiness

    Select the appropriate assessment level for your organization (e1, i1, or r2) and identify any gaps or weaknesses in your security and privacy controls.

  • Remediation

    Close the gaps and weaknesses found in the readiness assessment.

  • Validation

    Verify that your organization has implemented the required controls, and complete the certification process.

Benefits of HITRUST Certification
  • Demonstrated compliance with a wide range of privacy and security regulations
  • Reduced risk of data breaches and other security incidents
  • Enhanced organization reputation
  • Better protection can reduce insurance premiums
  • Attracts new customers and partners
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved patient and customer trust and confidence