Public and private networks are continuously evolving in order to support higher system capacity, increased data rates, reduced latency and increased connectivity. Network providers including carriers, cloud service providers, enterprises and government agencies are deploying these next generation networks (e.g., 5G, WiFi 6/6E) to benefit from these new capabilities. There are many security risks to be addressed with these new architectures, enhanced functionality, novel management models and interworking across coexisting network technologies.

Our Services include:

  • Analysis of cloud security strategy including edge, public and private clouds, and ongoing security management
  • Architecture design for protecting private wireless networks (WiFi 6/6E, 5G), user devices and applications
  • Security analysis of coexistence approach across wireless network technologies such as 5G and CBRS
  • Risk assessment of the management & orchestration capabilities across hybrid private/public networks
  • Security Assurance  testing of existing networks (legacy/4G/5G), devices, functions, and lifecycle management