Carrier-grade networks are continuously evolving in order to support higher bandwidth and greater interoperability. Operators invest significant capital and resources in Next Generation networks to maintain competitiveness and provide better customer experience. With new technologies, security challenges are also evolving.

Palindrome has been a trusted security partner in the deployment of some of the worlds largest mobile 4G LTE and 5G  networks. Palindrome’s expertise cover end-to-end security assurance, ranging from LTE user equipment and UICC to core network elements (e.g., eNB, MME, SGW, OSS, FOTA).

Palindrome uses a multidimensional security analysis approach which covers several areas including signaling protocol analysis, evaluation of cryptographic mechanisms and application security. Palindrome’s methodology encompasses a variety of strategies and evaluation methods. Some of the major areas are – hardware analysis, firmware analysis, network signal analysis, and radio network access analysis.

Embedded Hardware Analysis

  • Circuit Board Reverse Engineering
  • JTAG Debugging Interface Exploitation
  • Processor Instruction Stepping, Program
  • Tracing, and Altering Configuration Registers
  • Firmware Disassembly & Modification

Firmware Analysis

  • Acquiring / Altering Cryptographic Credentials
  • Secure Boot-loader Compromise
  • FLASH Reprogramming
  • Circuit Board Bus Monitoring
  • Circuit Board Swapping
  • Circuit Board Modification
  • Device Cloning

Network Signaling Analysis

  • Call-Flow / Communication Protocol analysis
  • Authentication, authorization and encryption analysis
  • Robustness testing
  • Message manipulation and replay attacks
  • Message injection and impersonation attacks
  • Denial of service

Radio Network Access Analysis

  • RF Eavesdropping and Jamming
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
  • Traffic capture, modification, impersonation and replay attacks
  • Link layer routing attacks
  • Tunnel Redirection
  • Exposing Hidden Network Interfaces
  • SIM/UICC Card Exploitation