Do you know if and how proprietary information is leaked out of your organization?

Can you determine if your Information Security Policy is ignored by employees?

Is your payroll or customer list accessed by unauthorized internal users ?

Improve your Threat Intelligence

Palindrome Technologies​’s managed Threat Intelligence service acts as an extension of your organization’s IT team by leveraging our qualified Subject Matter Experts to monitor and maintain your Network Security and IT Governance and Compliance requirements.


Threat Intelligence

Identify insider Threats through behavioral pattern analysis, detect InfoSec policy violations and monitor Informational Assets. For example, discover if your users are disseminating company sensitive information through emails or dropbox transfers.

​Improve Security Monitoring and Compliance

Ongoing Vulnerability management and remediation, threat monitoring, reporting and management.

Cost reduction

Eliminate costs associated with appliance ownership through Palindrome Technologies​’s product procurement and deployment channel.

Minimize overhead associated with recruiting in-house subject matter experts and training.