Palindrome Technologies​ is an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Testing laboratory and has been helping service providers and product vendors to build and maintain secure products and services by providing security design, verification and validation services.

Palindrome Technologies​’s scope of accreditation includes:

  • Software Assurance
  • Network Security Assurance
  • IMS Security Assurance
  • LTE Security Assurance

Palindrome Technologies​’s methodology uses techniques and methods for validating the target network, service or product’s security and alignment with industry standards and best security practices. The methodology follows a multi-dimensional approach to provide end-to-end security evaluation of a service or product at various layers including device configuration (e.g., OS/Firmware), network and application controls (e.g., signaling, control and media protocols). Standards include NIST, ITU, ISO, ATIS, 3GPP and customer proprietary.