The profusion of intelligent devices ranging from smart meters, medical devices, industrial sensors etc., have introduced new attack vectors that can be exploited by malicious agents. It is vital for OEM’s, service providers, application developers and network operators to ensure that this new generation of devices maintains security properties that assure confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Palindrome Technologies​’s IoT Security Assurance Framework (SAF IoT) enables product vendors and service providers to verify end-to-end the security and reliability of IoT implementations including end devices and core infrastructure.

The Palindrome Technologies​ IoT Security Assurance Framework combines the following benefits:

  • Short testing cycles to support device development and marketing lifecycles.
  • Combines industry security requirements such as GSMA and CTIA
  • Proprietary testing methods evolved through past testing experience and research.
  • Maximize test coverage by combining industry requirements and proprietary testing methods.
  • Automated and manual testing methods
  • Accredited ISO 17025 Testing Lab

SAF-IoT  (pronounced “safe-IoT”)  is based on evaluating products using a multi-dimensional approach that includes security verification of hardware (e.g., PCB, JTAG, UART, GPIO), firmware (e.g., Secure Boot), software (e.g., OS, libraries,), Signaling and Control Protocols (e.g., call-flow analysis of protocols such as SIP, AAA, LTE-NAS, HTTP and others) and Applications or Services (e.g., Internet Multimedia applications, VoIP, VoLTE, M2M).

In addition to our IoT Security Assurance Framework (SAF IoT) Palindrome Technologies​ provides security assurance testing and certification services for industry IoT security frameworks such as GSMA IoT Security and CTIA IoT Certification programs.

Palindrome Technologies​ is an accredited ISO 17025 Testing laboratory; and member of the CTIA Cybersecurity Certification and GSMA-IoT Working Groups.