Palindrome Technologies performs readiness, remediation, and certification under the HITRUST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

Driven by the regulatory requirements to maintain security over Protected Health Information (PHI), the HITRUST offers a comprehensive CSF that incorporates multiple security and privacy standards and objectives that combines risk and regulatory-based guidelines into a single framework. Cybersecurity oversight can be a challenging task that if not managed effectively can consume a disproportionate share of management’s attention. Organizations can leverage the CSF to govern their information security programs to achieve multiple goals.

Palindrome Technologies uses deep technical skills and cybersecurity risk management acumen to execute HITRUST assessments that achieve compliance and certification goals, but also incorporate substantial technical depth. Compliance alone does not bring security, but must be accompanied by robust technical examination. Palindrome Technologies experts help organizations achieve the combined goals of HITRUST certification and in-depth technical security analysis and evaluation.

HITRUST certification is an industry-recognized credential that helps to differentiate you in the marketplace. Organizations pursue HITRUST assessments to achieve certification, however application of the HITRUST CSF provides a sound basis for information security governance for any organization, even those that do not need certification. Palindrome Technologies advises organizations on the approach that best fits their overall objectives in compliance and cybersecurity governance.

HITRUST certification can be a competitive advantage for your organization. Many of the largest enterprises that process PHI have announced that they will require all of their business associates to adopt the HITRUST CSF and become HITRUST certified. Companies that enter contract negotiations already certified will have a distinct advantage over those that do not. HITRUST certification enables organizations to demonstrate their investment in, and therefore prioritization of, information protection.

HITRUST implementation incorporates elements of technology risk management, efficiency, and flexibility to develop an information security governance framework that can expand in scope as the organization changes. It establishes a mechanism to benchmark security programs against the efforts of other organization, providing important insights on investment and architecture design considerations and prepare for HITRUST certification.

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